A Maverick in the industry.

Top Notch Extracts is a producer of top shelf crumble and other concentrates and vape-ables based in beautiful Santa Cruz, California. After initially soft-launching their brand Top Notch Extracts came to us to consult on packaging, logo design, and marketing strategies to help push them to the next level.

Top Notch Extracts Logo

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The logo we developed for Top Notch Extracts was created from a very specific request from the owner. Along with making the logo to order we also provided multiple colorways. All of which were shot down by the silver and gold mix you see in the final version.

Packaging Consultation

branding, packaging

Along with the silver and gold Top Notch Extracts logo we were also brought on to consult with materials, methods, and types of packaging available for marketing their extracts and other materials. Ultimately we also provided them with a solid black logo to stand out against the color variations used in their labels to designate strains.

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